“The Old Gods and the New” – Game of Thrones (2×06) Recap

Last night’s Game of Thrones set the stage for the back half of the season in a way that deviated from the books, and left fans of the series wondering what the hell was going to happen. I, for one, loved the little twist since it keeps me guessing. And from what I can tell online, so did a lot of other people.

“Men love to blame demons when their grand plans unravel.”

Making the rounds, and stirring up trouble wherever he goes, Littlefinger paid a visit to Tywin Lannister this week. Besides giving a little information he’s picked up en route, Littlefinger also whispered to the Lannister patriarch a plan for a post-Robb Stark Westeros. Now that she has been appointed Lannister’s cup-bearer, Arya was able to overhear the scheme. Sadly Arya is just a child, and has no way to get to her brother and warn him.

Arya isn’t without any power, however. This week marked the second name she dropped to Jacqen on her hit list. Not sure if it was a wise choice considering how long her list has become, but it just may have saved her hide. (Click here to read more.)


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