ICYMI: “Do Not Go Gentle” – The Vampire Diaries (3×20) Recap

Previously on The Vampire Diaries

  • Alaric invited Stefan to his Fight Club. Klaus crashed.
  • Esther returned to play Freaky Friday with Rebekah.
  • Caroline and Tyler reunited, and it felt so good.
  • Jeremy discovered he won’t be recruited for the MLB. Kol might.
  • Jeremy played Whoopi to Damon’s Demi. I guess Rose is Patrick Swayze.
  • Elena showed Damon why she wanted to stay at the No-Tell Motel.
  • Now that Operation: Kill Klaus is a bust, Alaric has teamed up with Estekah for Operation: Kill Originals aka Operation: Vamp Genocide.
  • Damon found his balls.
I don’t have any witty remarks for this episode. I tried to think of some, but after three viewings, I still feel hollow. “Do Not Go Gentle” was an important episode, and somewhat controversial. When I watched it on Thursday, I saw lots of angry tweets. I won’t lie and say that the episode was perfect. It wasn’t. I won’t say that there weren’t things that I found problematic with the storyline. I did. I won’t even say that the episode didn’t annoy me. It did that as well. One thing I will say, though, is that it was the perfect showcase for Matt Davis to show everyone what an incredible actor he truly is.
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