Book Review: Pretty Little Liars

Ever since I joined Goodreads in 2011, I’ve anticipated the new year so I could set a reading goal for myself. After last year’s 29 books, I’ve decided to be ambitious and set a goal of 60 books for 2012. Will I make my goal? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to try.

My first book of 2012 was Pretty Little Liars.  I have wanted to read the book series ever since I got hooked into the television series. With the hiatus upon us, now seemed like the best time to delve in. Unfortunately, I got it from the library, and had to waitlist the eBook. I still don’t understand why the public library only has so many copies of the eBook. Can’t they be unlimited since they’re electronic copies? *shrugs* But I digress.

As you may suspect, Pretty Little Liars the book is very similar to Pretty Little Liars the show. The most noticeable difference that I noticed (besides the characters’ physical appearance) was how much meaner every thing (and one) was.

Emily’s boyfriend, Ben, is even more of a douche than he is in the show, and so is her mom. This says a lot since I already didn’t like her mom much in the show. Emily isn’t the only one with even more horrible parents. Hannah and Spencer also got even shorter straws in this department. The only character whose family was on par with the show was Aria.

The book is so much like the show that these harsh characteristics really stood out for me. They also made it make more sense for the girls to do the things that they do. The four girls really do not have anyone they can talk to, and it’s their isolation that informs their choices. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you are a fan of the books, then I definitely would recommend you jump into the book series.

Since I am also waitlisting book #2 from the library, and I most likely won’t get a copy for a few weeks, I will next read Water for Elephants. I have wanted to watch the movie, and have put it off until I could get to the book. I hear it’s really good. Here’s to hoping!



  1. I had no idea that show was based off a book. I’m currently in the middle of The Hunger Games because I refuse to see the movie first.

    Good luck with your reading challenges in 2012,

    • It Ain't Piano Lessons Honey says:

      Yeah, the 10th book just came out last month. The first book was really good. Close enough to the show that I was able to replay season 1 in my head as I read, but different enough to keep it interesting. I read the Hunger Games last year. Love that series! Catching Fire is my favorite book in that series.

      • My coauthor liked the first book best and didn’t care for Catching Fire much. I’m just waiting to see how that pendant comes into play since they keep mentioning it. I prefer the more subtle mention it once and it comes up in book 7 style of J. K. Rowling’s writing to the *hint hint hint* but so far it’s still a five. It has brought me to tears with multiple scenes so far. This will be the first book that both my coauthor and I review and I’m excited to see how our opinions differ.

        10 books? :O I’ve actually become a little bored with the TV series and moved on to others. The Biggest Loser killing Santa is much anticipated and it doesn’t help that since I don’t have TV, everything I watch is through Hulu unless I buy the DVD set. *Gilmore Girls* ❤

  2. This blog post gets a 2 thumbs way up from me.

  3. I just thought I would leave a comment to let you how much of a nice read this actually was.

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